Jerky Venison

Try this recipe for one of the most popular uses of venison.


Jerky Teriyaki

Spice up your jerky with teriyaki flavor.


Jerky Bottom Round

If you like our beef jerky recipe, then you'll love jerky bottom rounds!


Vegan Cheese Crackers

Try this delicious recipe for a healthy snack. Kids love it!

   Chips & Crackers

Jerky Made Simple

This is a simple jerky recipe that can be used with a variety of meats.


Dried Plain Yogurt

Avoid yogurts with gelatin or other thickeners. Do not use high fat yogurt, it may go rancid quickly when exposed to heat or stored at room temp.


Blueberry Honey Pound Cake

Use dried blueberries, strawberries (slices), raspberries, or a combination of all berries. Serve this with whipped cream, ice cream or alone.


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